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Around 650,000 tons of fishing nets are currently estimated to be dwelling in our oceans. Studies say that in 35 years, the number of fish swimming will be outweighed by the amount of plastic waste.

The "fishing net fabric" that we use is called ECONYL®. It is made in Italy, just two hours away from our factory. As a responsible brand, FISCH has chosen not to use any form of plastic in our packaging. 

Not only are our products are made 100% regenerated nylon fiber from fishnets and other nylon waste, but FISCH is also a proud partner with Healthy Seas, a team of divers dedicated to cleaning up our oceans. 

Back in the day, fishing nets were made of biodegradable materials such as hemp or cotton. Unfortunately, nets today are not biodegradable. They can litter our oceans for hundreds of years. When they eventually degrade into smaller pieces, they cause even more harm to aquatic life as fish and birds eat them. Everyday these nets trap and kill thousands of animals. 

Every year FISCH donates 10% of global profits to the Healthy Seas initiative. Read more about Healthy Seas and their activities here